Q-What Are The Next Steps After I Purchase One Of Your Programs?

A-You will receive a welcome email invitation via the email you provided to download my mobile app that includes a PARQ, Liability Waiver/Photography Release Waiver that you will need to sign before starting the program. You will then be prompted to fill out a questionnaire when you download the mobile app. Fill out the questionnaire as descriptively as possible so I can create your custom plans as close to your personal preferences as possible. Include multiple food preferences, work/gym schedule, equipment you have available at home OR if you are working out at a gym, personal goals, etc. 


Q-How Does It Usually Take Until I Receive My Programs After Purchased?

A-After sending back forms and filling out questionnaire, it usually takes me around 3 business days to complete and have your programs sent out. All programs will be uploaded on the mobile app. I will contact you directly via mobile app messenger to let you know programs have been sent out. 


Q-Are Your Programs Beginner Friendly?

A-Yes, my programs are designed to fit the needs of everyone and all levels of experience when it comes to diet and training. No prior experience needed.


Q-Can I Still Do Your Programs If I Don't Have Access To A Gym?

A-Yes, Absolutely. During the COVID phase, I've helped hundreds of clients make great transformations with minimal to no equipment needed. 


Q-How Long Does It Take To Usually See Results?

A-Results all depend on adherence to the plans. The more effort/work you put in, the better results you are going to achieve. For reference: Typically clients drop between 8-12lbs in a 2-3 month period.